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We've tried to cover off every eventuality below, and we will continue to update as further questions are asked; but, if you cannot find the information you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us:

Picking your squad
Squad Size

Your squad must contain a minimum of 15 players.

There is no maximum squad size (beyond the limit of your budget), so you could have a squad of 20 or more if you wish.

The make-up and balance of your squad is completely at your discretion, but your team must include a minimum of one Wicket Keeper, three Batsmen and three Bowlers.

You may choose up to four All Rounders for your team (slots across the second row of team selection), or choose to replace the first All Rounder with a Batsman, or the last All Rounder with a Bowler.


The total value of the salaries in your initial squad cannot go above your salary cap, which for our T20 Blast fantasy game is £1.5m.

Player values will fluctuate based on their performance through the competition, allowing you to increase the size of your budget, and in doing so accrue better players to your squad.


You may only choose a maximum of 3 players from any one club (though this increases for any knockout stages, more details under gameweeks below).

Team Selection
Selecting your team

Your gameweek team is made up of 11 players, picked from your squad.

There are 'rolling' gameweek closures; players whose clubs have started their fixtures within a gameweek will become ‘locked’ for selection/transfer. You can change players whose game has not started, but not those that have played.

All games lock at the official start time, even if they are affected by weather.

Tip: You can still change players within a gameweek, where a player's team has not yet started playing.

You will know who has been selected from the following indicator discs appearing next to the players, once teams have been appeared on the information feed we receive:

Not Selected
Bye week

Should a player not have an indicator, we are waiting on confirmation of their selection.

Players will also have indicators if injured, or for any other reason they may are unavailable (though please note that when we place a player on the injured list we have no way of 100% knowing how long they are out for, but will endeavour to keep this upto date as much as we can).

Selecting captains and Wicketkeeper

You must nominate a captain and vice-captain for your team from your chosen starting 11.

Your captain's score for your team will be doubled.

There is no bonus to players selected as vice-captain, unless they inherit the captain's armband over the course of the gameweek.

You can select more than one wicketkeeper/batsman for your team, but beware the following:

Tip: Only the player selected as WK in your team will earn points for catches or stumpings.

Automatic Substitutions

Automatic substitutions take place when user team points are processed at the completion of gameweek fixtures.

Any player who has not appeared at all through the course of a gameweek will be substituted out for a player who has played and is able to fill the former player's position. In the event of multiple players being available, the highest value player will be chosen.

Tip: In the event of multiple players being available to fill a position, the highest value player will be chosen. So if you have 3 batters worth £100k, £90k & £80k not selected and one of your selected batters doesn't play, the £100k player will be the replacement.

In the event that your captain is not chosen to play, your vice-captain will be selected. Should neither your captain or vice-captain play over the course of the gameweek, the highest salary player (who has registered points for the weekend) will be designated captain instead.

Rain Affected Fixtures

Points will be counted from rain affected games if the game has started.

In the event of a rained off game all the players from those clubs will be locked in anticipation that they will play another fixture that game week. If they do not play, then a substitute will replace them.

You may only use one of these ‘Googlies’ in any one gameweek. You do not have to use them if you do not wish to!
Double Captain

For one GW only you can select a Captain & Vice Captain who will both score DOUBLE POINTS. You can only use this once during the season.

12th Man

The 12th man feature allows you to give your squad a ‘boost’ for one GW. The highest scoring player not picked in your XI, but in your squad, will automatically become your '12th man' and their score will be added to your GW total. You can only use this once during the season.

Signing and releasing players

You can make an unlimited amount of transfers before your first gameweek (and at times in other rounds where specified below under gameweeks).

Once your team has earned points during your first gameweek, you are then limited to releasing five players per gameweek.

Tip: Only two players can be transferred OUT for free. The remaining three will incur a 50 point penalty each.

Tip: You can sell a £180k player and buy 3 players worth £60k without incurring any penalties. Only one player has been transferred OUT!

Points deductions are applied at the time gameweek points are generated, ensuring you have the ability to correct mistakes, or change your mind on any transfers in or out.

Tip: If you wish to reverse a transfer, simply press REMOVE on the profile of the player you have signed. That player will be released and you will have your transfer back.

Forced transfers

From time to time, players will leave their clubs.

If they transfer out of the fantasy competition, we will remove them from your squad and team selection and reimburse you their salary at that point in time.

This will not affect your two free gameweek transfers however, ensuring you are not penalised for movements beyond your control, but this could cause you to drop below the required 15 players, so please remain conscious of this fact.

Player salaries

The salary of a player will change over the course of the season based on their form; player prices will not change before the first gameweek however.

Your squad screen will indicate the salary at which you purchased a player, as well as their current salary.

The players value at the time of selling returns to your budget.

Please also bear in mind that players' fantasy salaries are just that: fantasy; they do not represent a player's true salary.


During GW1 you are still able to make unlimited transfers while players remain unlocked.

All players from each county squad will eventually be locked, as soon the original start time of their respective fixture in that GW, has passed.

Free Transfers
Max Transfers
From One Team
20th May 14:30
20th May 14:30
26th May 22:05
27th May 18:30
1st Jun 21:51
2nd Jun 18:30
4th Jun 17:44
6th Jun 16:30
9th Jun 21:38
16th Jun 17:30
19th Jun 21:40
20th Jun 17:30
23rd Jun 22:14
30th Jun 17:30
2nd Jul 21:29
6th Jul 18:35
7th Jul 21:42
15th Jul 11:00
15th Jul 21:56
Player Scoring
Team Selection

Players selected in your starting 11 will earn full points, with the exception of your captain who will earn double points.

Note also, that players selected for their club at wicketkeeper who are not selected as your wicketkeeper will not earn points for wicketkeeping dismissals.

Points are only earned during matches in the respective fantasy competition.

ActionPoints Batting Each Run1 Each Six3 50+ Run Bonus25 100+ Run Bonus50 Variable Strikerates
(>=12 balls, or >=16 runs)
>=0 <=50 -20 >50 <=75 -15 >75 <=95 -10 >95 <=110 -5 >110 <=140 0 >140 <=155 Runs x0.5 >155 <=175 Runs x1 >175 <=200 Runs x1.5 >200 <=230 Runs x2 >230 Runs x2.5 Duck (Not bowlers)-25 Bowling Each Maiden15 Each Wicket30 3 wicket bonus25 4 wicket bonus35 5+ wicket bonus50 Variable Economy Rates
(>=2 overs, or >=16 runs)
>=0 <=3.5 100 >3.5 <=4.5 70 >4.5 <=5.5 45 >5.5 <=6.5 25 >6.5 <=7.5 10 >7.5 <=9.5 0 >9.5 <=10.5 -5 >10.5 <=12 -10 >12 <=14 -15 >14 -20 Fielding Catch10 Stumping25 Runout25


You are able to create and join private or public leagues at will once you are signed up to the site.

Private League

A private league is invite only, where you compete against your friends. Create a league and then invite users using their email addresses. We do not store email addresses used to invite other users.

There is no limit on the amount of users allowed to compete in a private league, and there is no limit on the amount of private leagues you can compete in.

Public Leagues

If you are keen to open up your league to other game users, untick the private option, and users will be able to join your league via the public league list. There are also no limits on public leagues.

Global Leagues

Participation of the game automatically enrolls you in the following leagues:

- Overall League: This is the main leaderboard for every user involved in the game.

- Gameweek League: This league shows your comparative gameweek position.

- Supporters League: If you choose a favourite club, you will automatically be entered into a supporters league.

- Country League: Choosing your country of residence in your profile will enter you into a league for your respective country.

In the event of a tie, the user whose account was created earliest takes precedence.

Club League

You can enter your team into a 'Club league'. This means you can play against all your teammates and try and claim those all important bragging rights for a Saturday!

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